Our View: Pray for Paris, Pray for the World

Our View

Who would have thought that Friday the 13th would have lived up to it’s superstition? Multiple terrible events around the world happened on that fateful day, though one stood out in particular. Starting around 9 p.m., a series of raids and bombings fell upon the famous city of lights, Paris.

So devastating were the attacks that the country has declared emergency, an event that has not happened in 71 years. The country has also closed its international borders.The death count is currently above 160 and eight of the attackers have died through suicide bombings or have been shot down. Six main attacks occurred that night, all in places which attract plenty of people.

Three important targeted places were the Bataclan Concert Hall, the Petit Cambodge restaurant and the Stade de France, where the president of France was among those watching the soccer match between France and Germany.

In order to pay homage for the deceased citizens, the Eiffel Tower went dark. Usually the tower doesn’t turn completely dark even at midnight. Many people who stay nearby the Eiffel Tower were proclaiming that they feel like they missed something.

In light of the dire situation, people in France have started the hashtag #porteouverte, which means “Open Door.” The initiative was meant to connect people looking for shelter with those who could offer space for the evening. The doors didn’t open for everyone, but for some seeking a safe place, the show of support was a comfort on a night of terror. Another trending heartfelt hashtag was #prierpourparis, “pray for Paris.”

Though this has been a horrible experience for the world and especially for those in France, this is only a small part of what the world has faced under ISIS. In less than a month, bombings, raids, and other horrid events have happened in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and so many other countries, yet they go unnoticed by the public eye.

We should use the Paris attacks as a wake up call and an eye opener for all of us to be able to see the bigger picture that has been going on for a while. We should pray not only for Paris, but pray for the world.

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