Tiger Nation standing strong

By: Annebeth Ahrenholz

Tiger Nation proved again just how motivating and encouraging it can be last Thursday at the state volleyball game.  Led by seniors and well known for the loud high schoolers that participate in cheering at CFHS sporting events, there is no question that Tiger Nation was the best student section at the U.S. Cellular Center as the volleyball team competed at state, making it to the semi-finals.

Senior volleyball player Emma Gerdes was thankful to have such a strong student section. “Having Tiger Nation makes playing more fun, and they create a fun atmosphere to play in. It’s cool to know your classmates have your back,” she said.

Students all throughout the high school also enjoy being a part of Tiger Nation.

“I like to dress up for all of the silly outs, and it’s fun to be able to cheer alongside all of your friends. I love the sense of unity you feel when you’re all chanting the same cheer,” senior Alyssa Brass said.

Senior Drew Nida agreed. “It’s cool to know every single person standing in the student section is rallied around two goals: being the loudest student section in the state and winning.”

Tiger Nation is known for being loud and getting rowdy.

“It’s lit,” senior Sean Fernholz said.

Tiger Nation also has a Twitter page with over 1,000 followers. The current number of followers is 1,438.

Sophomore Shelby Hartwig enjoys being a part of the student section.

“I think that the student section at Cedar Falls High School is great. It brings us all together because it’s a super fun way of expressing our school spirit, giving us as students the opportunity to support our school and have a good time together while doing so. Standing in the student section and seeing how many of us from the high school and junior high come to support our teams is amazing. I love seeing the impact our student section can have when there are so many of us cheering so loud for our athletes. I genuinely think Cedar Falls has some awesome school spirit,” she said.

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