The Right Stuff: Rubio has plan America needs

By: Jacob Jensen

With the 2016 presidential election right around the corner and still 17 candidates running, Sen. Marco Rubio seems to be the best option.

For starters, let’s focus on Rubio’s tax reform. The current tax law has seven brackets in it. Rubio’s plan has three brackets in it. Rubio’s tax plan dramatically helps out the middle class. For single filers making $37,451 to $90,750 a year, taxes will be cut by 10 percent. This group is the backbone of America, the working class. These are the teachers, construction workers, manufacturers, nurses, cooks, restaurant managers and small business owners. These aren’t the people sitting in the big square offices; these are the people doing the hard work. These are the same kind of people that practically built America. There is no one more deserving of this tax cut than these people. This tax cut will push these people over whatever little hump they are facing. They will finally have enough for that car they have been saving up for, or to get a mortgage and get their dream house. Maybe, they might go out to eat three times a week instead of two, or even invest in a stock. Whatever it is, the point is they will spend more money, which means more money into the economy.

With all the extra money being spent, the tax cut will almost pay for itself because of the 7 percent sales tax. For people making $150,000 to $189,300, there is a 7 percent tax increase. This increase may seem steep (because it is), but these are the lawyers and doctors and high up officials of big businesses. These workers already have job stability and are in a profitable career. With time, taxes on this group can be cut back down, but without this 7 percent tax increase, it would be like yanking a Band-aid off as fast as you could. It would sting for a bit. There would be a hiccup in the economy, and the increase would help keeping the economy stabilized.

Social security has been a huge problem lately, and Rubio has the answer. Here is a quote about it from his website: “These programs won’t be around for future generations unless something is done to reform them, however. For future retirees, Marco will: Gradually increase the retirement age for future retirees to keep up with changes in life expectancy. Marco will also reduce the growth in benefits for upper-income seniors while strengthening the program for low-income seniors.”

Rubio also said he wouldn’t change anything for anyone on social security right now or for anyone about to be on it in the near future. There is no way America can keep paying for social security the way it is at now. Rubio’s plan makes perfect sense and will save America billions.

It seems as if every candidate has a flaw ­— Hillary’s email scandal, Trump’s repeated derogatory comments and Bernie being a socialist to name a few, but Rubio seems to be flawless and has a perfect plan to get America back on track.

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