Travelers return with tokens from trips

Alaska Trip


Junior Rachael Sears

In August I went on a trip to Alaska via Carnival cruise lines. We spent seven nights on board the beautiful Carnival Legend. On our vacation, we visited four ports and cruised the Tracy Arm Fjord. Our first excursion was going on a glacier tour in the Tracy Arm Fjord. On this excursion we were able to get up close to the glaciers and were even able to hold a piece of a glacier that had fallen off. This excursion was one of the coolest things I have ever done. The closer you got to the glacier, the colder it got. In Skagway we rode a train all the way to the Canadian border. On the ride we were able to see the beauty of Alaska from a higher perspective. Our next port was Juneau. At this port we went on a whale watching tour. We were able to see whales up close, which was cool. On our way farther into the ocean, we got to stop by an island, which was covered with seals. Our entire trip was absolutely beautiful. If you ever get the chance to visit Alaska, I would highly recommend it to anyone that would be interested in going.

Germany Trip

Germany Trip


Junior Anna Robisky

In summer of last year, my family went to Germany for two weeks. We went to Mannheim, Rothenburg and Munich. Even though it was all really cool, Mannheim was my favorite. One of the days we drove to Munich and went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. That was the very sad part of the trip, but cool. We saw the bunkers where they slept, the gas chambers and the crematorium where they burned the dead bodies. We also went to the Neuschwanstein castle, which was my favorite and where I got my sweatshirt. I was fascinated by how cool and pretty it was. They told us when we were there that it inspired Walt Disney to make the Walt Disney castle.


St. Pete Trip

St. Pete Trip

St. Pete, Florida

Junior Aurion Redding

July of 2015 I went to St. Pete, Fla., for my dad’s birthday. I wanted to get something that I could remember this trip and my family forever. Helen and Terrance are my parents and are extremely close to me and are my best friends. I thought getting their signatures on my wrist would be the best way to keep them close to me at all times, so on July 4 I went and got my tattoo. My parents were in love with the idea. I was pretty shocked that they were alright with me getting them. I’m in love with my tattoos and would never regret the decision I had.


Hawaii Trip

Hawaii Trip


Junior Hayden Clausen

I went to Hawaii with my family two summers ago. We did a lot of neat things while we were there, but my favorite was cliff diving. While we were on one of the cliffs, I noticed a hole that I could barely stick my hand in, but I saw something sticking out, so I made it my mission to get it and see what it was. When I finally got it out, it was this necklace that had some sort of stone on it. Ever since then I’ve worn it around my neck to bring me luck and to remember Hawaii.

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