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By: Kierston Johnson

The Russian Sleep Experiment- 

A story that plays on the fear and true life stories of the Nazi experiments in concentration camps. The story follows twisted scientists performing experiments on prisoners of war, keeping them up for days at a time, seeing what they could do to their victims and what would happen to them. After a few days of no sleep, they become less and less human.

Gateway of the Mind- 

A story about some devout Christian scientist who thinks that if you detach all of a person’s core sense that he or she would be able to talk to God. An old man volunteers, claiming he has nothing to live for. After a while he claims that he can hear the voices of the dead, but what he utters at the end will leave you with chills.


SCP stands for Serve Control Protect. It’s a series of stories about a military type place that keeps, under lock and key, some of the most dangerous creatures of all time. Some of the fan favorites are SCP-049, a plague doctor-like thing that turns people to zombies in an effort to cure them, and SCP-173, a statue that kills you if you look away. The stories are so formal and well done, it makes you think that all of this is actually real.

Boothworld Industries- 

A normal guy gets a call from a place called Boothworld Industries. On the other end of the phone he hears a woman who asks if he wants to schedule a reconstruction. Confused he instinctively says he ex-girlfriend’s name. Later on he gets another call, but this time all that can be heard is his ex dying. The woman calls again after that and said that a reconstruction is scheduled for him and the only way to get out of it is to get 1,000 people to join Boothworld. The weirdest part? It ends with a phone number that actually leads to a place called Boothworld.

The Egg- 

This story will makes you question your entire life. It’s not gory, not really creepy but the whole idea is just … unsettling. The story is about a man who dies in a car crash. He goes to heaven and meets what he assumes is God. God tells him that his life and everyone else’s, is the same life. Everyone is the same reincarnated spirit, and we are just reusing it in different time lines and dimensions.

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