Teen reaches stuffed animal goal for foster home donations

By: Tehya Tournier

On Dec. 16, the face and founder of Furries 4 Fosters, Aaliyah Tournier, was surprised with a $250 check from the Cedar Falls Police Association going towards the organization. Furries 4 Fosters is now an official non profit organization.

“It makes me feel pretty good. It helps me sleep at night because I always have wanted to do this, and when I think about kids being happy, it makes me feel good. I was very surprised when the police department gave me the check, like how did they know about this? I was just so blown away by the donation,” Tournier said.

Aaliyah has reached her goal of 50 blankets and over her goal of 157 stuffed animals. The organization will be delivering the items to the DHS office late this week in the new Furries 4 Fosters that came Dec. 30.

Tournier said she is very thankful to Ara Mark uniform services for the boxes of stuffed animals and blankets that were collected and donated by the employees.

“I thought of my little brother and how he loves the little blankets he has. I thought it would be cool to have both, and it would make them feel safe and warm.”

Also, Tournier received a donation of $75 and new stuffed animals from Kimball and Beecher Dentistry. She was awarded the Patient of the Month for her honorable and selfless acts of running Furries 4 Fosters.

“We appreciate everyone’s contributions to the Furries 4 Fosters organization,”  Tournier said.

The family said it will not be stopping just because the goal was achieved. There will be more to do in 2016, so be sure to look out for more news on the Facebook page, Furries 4 Fosters.

“I want it to become a big thing. I want everyone to know about it, for the kids. I am hoping to make up T-shirts in the near future. That would be cool,” Tournier said.

If interested in donating new stuffed animals and/or blankets, be sure to check out the facebook page Tournier has set up. All the contact info is there.

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