Empowering female characters appear in magical anime

By: Noah Forker

In the anime series of Magic Knight Rayearth, three girls from three different high schools enter a strange new world called Cephiro. The girls are Hikaru, Fuu and Umi. When they first enter the world, they’re confused, of course.

As they drama unfolds, they meet the master mage who sends to them to the forest of silence to get weapons while he stays back to fight a grunt of the dark mage. After getting loaned weapons and going to search for legendary ore, the girls meet a strange swordsman. Is he to be trusted? Find out for yourself!

The manga of Magic Knight Rayearth is very slow paced to me. The artwork is done very nicely, and it follows basically the same story as the anime, of course. In the manga, there are small things done better and are actually kind of funny, but they also don’t include some things that I personally enjoyed. The manga’s artwork was very nice, and at the end of the volume, there is a little credit to the writers and illustrator.

Overall, there is not much difference between the anime and manga. There are a few dialogue changes, and the manga explains things a bit more, but besides that, there’s not much. Another huge thing, instead of  ‘rune god’ in the manga, they say sprites. Overall, it’s tough to pick a favorite this week, but if I had to, the anime is much much cuter and more appealing. I would recommend this series to anyone who wants a cute anime that, for once, shows girls beating up monsters.

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