Sole Food: Nike Foamposite One worth price

By: Aaron Heimbuck

In this edition of Sole Food, we’ll be taking a look at one of the more controversial sneakers on the market: The Nike Foamposite One, or better known as “The Foams.”

This is a sneaker that you either love or hate. It’s definitely not for everyone. This freaky footwear will be analyzed in each category and given a final grade. Let’s eat some Sole Food.

First, we’ll examine the comfort of the Foams. When you first try a pair of foams on, they are very heavy and stiff. They fit like a glove but aren’t very comfortable. There’s a catch, however. Foamposites are made out of a malleable liquid material that is poured into molds to form the shoe. Over time, the constant wear of the shoe will allow it to form to your feet for the ultimate “break-in.” So while the first month or two won’t be pleasant, the foams will eventually feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Regardless, they are still pretty heavy. I’d give the foams a six out of 10 on comfort.

Next, we’ll take a look at how eye-catching they are. Some people look at the Foamposites as cool and unique. Others simply see them as another content of their trash can. I love them, but I can admit they are an aquired taste.

They are a molded shoe with a rib-like pattern on the side. The shoe laces go all the way to the toe. They come in wild colorways and patterns as well. Some of the old foams are my favorites.

As of late, most of the Foamposite colorways have been a little off the wall and, frankly, too much for one shoe. A lot of people agree that Nike should start re-releasing old colorways again to bring hype back to this silhouette. Overall, I really like some of the eye-popping colorways that are on the foams, but the quality has definitely gone down, so I’m going to give them a six out of 10 on style.

Next, we move on to the performance of the shoe. In this case, the performance of the shoe has to do with how well they are broken in. In my opinion, they are like fine wine; they just get better with age. I’ve balled in the Foamposite Ones a lot, and each time I play in them, they feel better. They provide solid stability for your foot, have great traction and are comfortable once they’re broken in.

My first few times balling in them were a struggle. I felt very immobile due to how stiff and heavy they were. However, after breaking them in a bit, they were one of my favorite pairs to play in. Overall, I’d give the performance a nine out of 10.

Finally, we’ll examine the price of the shoes. All foams retail for around the same price range: $200-265. This is a pretty hefty price to pay for a shoe that doesn’t always have a high demand. Some of the colorways (i.e. galaxy, supreme, pink, etc.) are well worth the price. However, a lot of the colorways end up being flops.

Resell prices are another story. Depending on the colorway, you can find some Foams for near $100 less on the market. More popular colorways can skyrocket into the $1,000 and above range. For me, the Foams are a little pricy. You can find some good steals if you know where to look, though. Overall, I give the price a five out of 10 for the Foamposites.

Even though the Foamposite Ones aren’t for everyone, I love slipping on a pair and hitting the court. While they are strange, they are unique and fun. Besides being heavy and hard to break in, they are fairly comfortable, colorful, and great to play basketball in. While I’m not a fan of some of the colorways, I am a fan of the shoe in general. Overall, I give the Nike Foamposite One a rating of seven out of 10.

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