Entrepreneurship ‘company’ offering variety of shirts

By: Jason Rathjen

It takes serious business skill to create one’s very own business and keep it running successfully, including advanced decision making skills, creativity and determination, and that is exactly what the students in business teacher Julie Cuvelier’s sixth hour entrepreneurship class are doing. “Entrepreneurship is a small business management course that teaches business ownership, marketing, the economics of business, social responsibility and management,” Cuvelier said.

Their business is called The Company, and it will be selling Cedar Falls-themed apparel. Products will include baseball tees ($17), bro tanks ($15) and racerbacks ($15). The tees will come in grey/black and grey/red. The bro tank and racerback will come in red.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.09.02 AMThe class offers students a chance to experience what it is like to run a business. “Starting my own business is something that interests me,” sophomore and Vice President of The Company Jacob Nelson said.

Students also gain valuable business skills. “As a class we get to work together and do all the things a normal business would do — from designing a product to promoting it and eventually selling it to the public,” senior and President of The Company Grace Gubbrud said.

Running a business comes with its ups and downs. “The hardest part about running the business is coming to a decision as a class on different things,” Nelson said.

Despite the roadblocks and challenges that Cuvelier’s business owners face, there are also times of success and pride. “My favorite part of the project is getting to see everybody’s creative ideas come together into a product,” Gubbrud said. “My favorite part is designing the clothing,” Nelson said.

A large portion of the proceeds is donated to charities such as American Cancer Society, Red Cross, the Humane Society and many other community organizations. The rest is paid as commission to the students.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.08.50 AMThe Company will have its products on sale this week, and customers can find Nelson or Gubbrud or anyone who is on the flyer that will be up around the school to place an order. Customers can also pay a visit to Room 272 up in the business lab to get their hands on the products.

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