Follow these tips to overcome snarky comments on YouTube

By: Noah Forker

We’ve all been on YouTube, and after finishing a video you want to comment. However, sometimes you see a comment that is just stupid, and you feel the need to reply to it, but before you do, keep these things in mind.

First, remember that some people on YouTube are too young for it. What I mean by this is that there are some six or seven year olds, which means they might not get some jokes or references you make. This could be bad because some kids would whine and get mad at you, which will lead into my next reason.

Second, be considerate of the other viewers. This means don’t just rage out with a 20-line comment just for the heck of it. This might not be annoying to most, but to some who like to read comments, they may chose to take a lot of time to read your comment, and thereby not have time to watch the actual video.

Third, put yourself in another person’s shoes. Some people come to YouTube just to watch videos and sometimes comment. However, occasionally there is that one guy who has depression issues. When faced with this, you can either attempt a hit and hope you don’t hit somewhere where it hurts, or you can run from the conversation and just not reply again.

Fourth, if the comment is so stupid you know it’s going to lead into more drama, avoid commenting and just laugh to yourself at reading the replies.

Fifth, don’t swear just to swear. There is always that one guy in a YouTube comment reply stream who just cusses you out for no reason, even though you replied to someone different and weren’t even talking to them. For this situation, refer to suggestion four and back out while you can.

Finally, watch your grammar and spelling. A lot of people on YouTube will correct every little thing. If you’re like me, this annoys you because people constantly think you’re some stupid little kid just because of a few errors. For this reason, try to make no mistakes, if any, or try to refer to suggestion four if you have spelling and grammar issues, as most people on YouTube will follow their human tendency to poke fun at you.

If you want to truly enjoy YouTube to its fullest potential, remember all these things when commenting.

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