Trip to God’s Mountain fulfills spiritual quest for service

By: Drew Walker

God’s Mountain is a Christian campsite where young Christians from all over go to get the experience of God and engage more in him.

The campus is in Rushville, Mo., at the very top of a mountain with a beautiful view of the sun rising above the ground in the morning.

Over Spring Break, we broke up into groups and got to help build around the camp on different things like painting swing sets, building retaining walls or even putting new siding on the sides of the cabins and many other jobs to make the mountain a better place for the kids that come to the camp for the summer.

While we are working, we engaged in each other and had fulfilling conversations and listened to music.

During the day, we worked, and when the sun set and it became a little chilly out, we came in for worship and devotion and finished off the night with a message from one of the group leaders.

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