Pokemon Go hype overshadows nostalgia for fans of original game

By Noah Forker

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, in more ways than the creators hoped for. When it was first leaked about “Pokemon in real life,” it was way hyped up, not as hyped as a main series game, but still very hyped. However to some, they were overhyped, a disappointment while also being a lot more costly than people expected, and it led to many disasters, some of which I believe give mainstream Pokemon fans a bad name.

As you would expect, the trailers for Pokemon Go were very extensive. They showed users in the real world, and all of a sudden after tapping on their phones, they had a pokeball in their hands, and they saw pokemon in real life. Yes, no one truly believed this would happen, but some people thought Nintendo was going toward a virtual reality game. What we got, however, was very far from that.

The day of the release arrived, and since the app is free, tons and tons of people got the app, far more than expected. The servers couldn’t handle so many people, so they either lagged or crashed. This left a bitter taste in people’s mouths for the future of this game, myself included.

The game takes up a ton of battery and a ton of gigabytes, so, overall, the game is not worth it because of the overhype and disappointment. When I played it, I barely got five minutes into the game before it crashed, so I deleted it. The game in itself is not bad at all, but as you will soon read, what it has people do for a Pokemon, is bad.

On a normal day for Pokemon Go players, they may suddenly see a rare Pokemon in a no trespassing zone. Not seeing the sign from how focused they are, they go in and get the Pokemon. While this small event is not a big deal, imagine this happening several times in one city, and even people going in to police stations to get a Pokemon or to obtain the items from a Pokestop.

With these minor events occurring, it wasn’t long until the major events hit. Some kids walked off a cliff, almost got hit by a car on the highway, etc. Adding these major situations to the minors, Pokemon Go became a high media source as parents watched their kids playing it while bad things developed around the country.

As stated above, Pokemon Go isn’t a bad game. However, it maylure people into doin bad things.

With a second game coming, Pokemon Go is not dying anytime soon. By no means am I against Pokemon Go. I just firmly believe it was overhyped, and the creators should’ve prepared the games better and should note some failures in version one to avoid worse things happening later in this game series.

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