Cubs find diehard fans among Holmes social studies teachers

The Cubs haven’t had a successful past, yet somehow fans still stay loyal to the team. In the past two years, this had paid off for all fans.

This year, the Cubs ran away with the division and easily made the playoffs. They play the San Francisco Giants and will try to come one step closer to being world champions. It’s been 108 years since they have won last, and most people think this is their year.

Holmes Junior High history teacher Kevin Kuker said that he is proud to be a Cubs fan. “It’s special to be able to say that I have supported one baseball team my whole life, but I would be wrong if I said there hasn’t been plenty of times where it hasn’t worked out for them.”

In the past year, supporting the Cubs has been a lot easier than ever before. Kuker said, “It’s great to see their success come earlier than expected with the new leadership they have brought on board.”

Holmes economics teacher Ryan Droste has been a fan all his life. He said, “I’ve been a Cubs fan since I was a little kid. I try to get to a game at Wrigley Field every summer. I follow the team closely every year even when they aren’t very good. I went to many games in 2010-2014 even when they were in last place.”

As the season moves on, both teachers think the Cubs have what it takes to win it all. Droste said, “The Cubs definitely have everything they need to win a championship: good hitting, defense and lots of young talent. With young players still improving, this might not even be the best team they’ll have.”

Kuker agreed and said, “I definitely think the Cubs have the skill to win the World Series this year. The trick is to string together enough victories to put their competitor in a hole.”

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