Nintendo Switch already making big waves

By: Matthew Walsh

In the not too distant future, a tad longer away than next Sunday AD, it’s earlier morning, the land just slightly brightened. A man sits on his couch, the TV being the only source of light. The now upcoming Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild gracing the screen. Link rides through an open field on Epona, cutting down one, two Bokoblins out of the four horseriding, goblin-esque mooks. Link continues riding, only stopping for—

Woof. Woof.

His dog wants out. Of course his dog wants out! Apparently the device he’s playing on doesn’t have a remote shut off, so he’s walking up to the device to turn it— Wait what’s he doing? He’s removing the parts of the controller from the controller. He’s putting them on it’s side. He’s pulling something— Oh my god it’s a Handheld!

After months if not years of Project NX rumors, Nintendo has finally announced its new console. The Nintendo Switch is its name, and it is a hybrid between a home and handheld console. With the Youtube trailer, which was dropped last Thursday, having already reached 18 million views, it sure has made quite a splash.

They’ve already announced several developers, including Bethesda (who has yet to confirm if Skyrim, as featured in the trailer, would be on the system), Capcom, SEGA, Telltale Games, and Konami, the Switch is sure to have a healthy amount of good games.

The Nintendo Switch’s outlook is looking good, so please join us this upcoming March to see if someone can afford a system to review.

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