To the Rescue: Even Fido and Felix may one day need first aid

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No matter what season, you may never know when your beloved pet can become injured. Whether it’s a small cut or a broken leg, this DIY pet first aid kit can help you take good care of your beloved furry friend.

What you’ll want to do first is find a plastic container with a lid, and make sure that the container isn’t too large or too small. You must put in mind that if needed you would store this first aid kit in a backpack.

You’ll then want to proceed filling the container with most and/or all of the following items:

-Gauze wrap

-Telfa pad

-Gauze squares

-Strips of clean cloth

(You can use an old, but

clean, t-shirt for making the


-Popsicle sticks

(For stabilizing an injury

with a splint)

-Bandage tape

-Bandage scissors

-Wound cleaning solution

-Hydrogen peroxide 3%

(To induce vomiting)

-Digital pet thermometer

-Petroleum jelly

-Syringe without a needle

-Liquid dish soap

-Rubber gloves

-Can of chicken

-Powdered electrolyte bev

-erage (Can use Gatorade



-Tick comb and

regular comb


-Portable bowl

-Spare collar and ID tag

-Vet wrap

-Cotton swabs


-Baby aspirin

-Antibiotic ointment

-Instant ice pack

-Hand sanitizer

-Pet tooth brush


-Pet first aid book

-Small flashlight

(Penlight does work)

-Super glue

(For gluing torn paw pads

back together)

-Nail clippers

-Paperwork for your pet in a waterproof container or bag (For proof of rabies vaccination status, copies of other important medical records and a current photo of your pet in case if they get lost.)

-List of emergency numbers (Including vet, humane society, poison control center and your parents/guardians)

When you are done preparing the first aid kit, make sure to store it somewhere safe until you need it. Also don’t put it where you will forget about it. You never know when a pet emergency can occur, but until then, you can sleep in peace knowing that your pet is safe in your hands.

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