Service learning project brightens Peet halls

Be bright. Be happy. Be you” was one of more than 500 anonymous messages taped to each student’s locker at Peet Junior High on Nov. 8.

Ninth grader Hunter Peterson was the one behind the inspirational messages. This act of kindness emerged from the Tiger Time enrichment project, service learning.

“Our group project was to do a random act of kindness because we have seen people do this before. We thought it was a good idea so that was inspiration,” he said.

Early in morning at 6 a.m., Peterson knocked on the doors of the not-yet-open school to hang the notes. “I was going to ask other people to have to come at 6 a.m., but I didn’t want anyone else coming that early,” Peterson said. “So I thought, I will do it the first time, see how long it takes and go along from there.”

The thoughtful messages helped many students at Peet realize how kindness can dramatically change your day.  “It was a big energy boost, and it was an inspiration to me to be a better person and leader,” ninth grader Trey Weimer said.

A normal Tuesday at Peet was turned around by the simple messages. “It made everyone in the school happy for the day,” ninth grader Emma Stanley said.

Peterson felt the effort was rewarding. “There is so much bad in this world. It’s worth to try and make a difference to make people happy, make a positive influence and a positive impact,” he said.

The students of the service learning Tiger Time enrichment project have plans for the future to make Peet a better place and eventually bring their ideas to the community. “We are going to try and do this again or other acts of kindness, but on sporadic dates, so it pops up one day and people will appreciate it more,” Peterson said.

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