Six titles offer relaxing alternative for gaming experiences

By Noah Forker

There comes a day in all gamers’ lives when they’re tired of robbing banks, fighting in wars and shooting zombies. There comes a day when they want to put their feet up and just relax. They long for games they can play with little to no stress. Here are some options for gaming that are relaxing to some. 


e “Animal Crossing” series. This series is unique in many, many different ways, but let’s go through it step by step.

First, you’re a normal human living in a town of animals. When you move in, you have nothing but the clothes on your back, so you look for a house. After buying a house, much like real life, you must get a job.

After working off your loan, you’re free to do as you please. This includes hunting for fish/bugs, making friends with your villagers, buying furniture and decorating your home and much more.

Recently the series has added the newest game “Animal Crossing New Leaf.” What is special about this game is that you’re the mayor. This is not extremely special, but it does add more as you have mayor jobs you must do.


The next game/game series is the “Harvest Moon” series. Farming simulation games are as relaxing as you can get because farming is not that stressful.

In most of “Harvest Moon,” you get sick of the city life in one way or another and go out to the country to begin your farm life. If you are to buy animals, you must remember to feed them, and, likewise, you have to water your crops.

Also, to add to this load, you’ve got to remember to talk to that special someone you might want to marry. This game series is filled with secrets every time you play. storyofseasonscolor

me is “Story of Seasons.” This game, while under a different name, is made by the people who made “Harvest Moon” originally. The name “Harvest Moon” just got trade marketed elsewhere.

This game, much like “Harvest Moon,” has you farming. However unlike most games, you must build up everything. You start off with old worn-down tools and a shack, to having a mansion with golden tools. This game is filled with things to do, from feeding your animals (and, trust me, to make a profit, you’re going to need a lot of them), to watering/harvesting your crops, gathering materials, participating in events and much, much more.

Also, don’t forget, you can get married. This idea is so unique that few games besides simulations use it.

Basically, in simple terms, daily you talk and give the special guy/girl a gift they like/love. This increases his or her friendship points (FP) toward you.

When you get enough, you get to see special events, which means you’re at a certain level with them. When you get high enough, you can date, eventually marry and close after that, have kids. fantasylifecolor

“Story of Seasons” is an amazing game for the Nintendo 3DS that I find myself plaing on long car rides.

The next game is “Fantasy Life.” This game is an RPG, and while this may be an odd choice genre-wise, it’s usually pretty relaxing.

This game revolves around choices, and a lot of them. First, what life will you be in? Will you be a cook, an archer? You decide!

Depending on your life, the story does alter slightly, but not noticeably. The story itself is predictable but very rewarding if you do a lot, for you find yourself connecting with everyone. The most stressful thing about this game is extras, but the main story is not stressful.pokewatchcolor

The final game for stress relief is … a tie between “Pokemon” and “Yokai Watch” (the first and second one). Both these games cover what the other lacks, but they’re overall pretty stress-free.

While “Pokemon” has a lot of exploring but not a good story; “Yokai Watch” puts a lot of effort into their storyline, but keeps you locked in an area.

What makes these games stress-free is that they are short, and you can play them at your own leisure; there’s no time limit or anything.

Everyone knows about “Pokemon;” you want to catch all the Pokemon, although now that there are 700+, good luck.

“Yokai Watch” is a bit odd. Your character, Nate (or Katie, if you chose a girl), gets a strange watch. This watch allows you to see “Yokai,” and because of this ability, you get involved in all sorts of strange events.

Ever get angry or depressed out of nowhere? It’s probably a Yokai. Nate’s mission is to befriend the Yokai.

Now is where some stress comes in, perhaps. If you want a specific Yokai, you must grind them, reseting and retrying constantly. However this is optional, and both games are overall pretty chill in the main game.

Overall, these games are relaxing for most players. Some players may get relaxed while chucking grenades at enemies or firing a rocket at helicopters. We all have our own ways to relax, but these games are definitely some good options for stress-free fun.

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