Trump, Clinton supporters need to come together

By Maddie Palmersheim

This year’s election has gone down in American history as one of the most controversial events. Several proven claims had been made regarding flaws in each candidate that struck heated discussion throughout the process. However, even more appalling than the poor comments and actions made by each candidate were the comments and actions made by voters as well as supporters.

The most basic and fundamental right in the United States is the freedom to speech. Fortunately for highly opinionated individuals, freedom of speech and expression of opinion go hand-and-hand. Positive aspects such as thoughtful discussion could have been utilized through this right, but sadly, thousands have turned to this right to bash and slander opposing parties.

As an active listener in the classrooms and the hallways, I witnessed a numerous amount of hateful comments from individuals “defending” their choice parties. Looks of pure disgust were exchanged as each spoke out about their reasons for supporting particular candidates. If in favor of Hillary Clinton, supporters were labeled as a supporter of criminality and lying. If in favor of Donald Trump, you were labeled as a supporter of racism and sexism.

Social media has acted as another environment for people to post their offensive comments. By simply opening up Facebook, my eyes were exposed to posts reading, “If you support Trump, I am embarrassed to know you,” and “If you are voting for Hillary, please ‘unfriend’ me now.” Hateful comments cycled as people passionately defended their candidates. Rather than turning a poor post into a respectable share of views, arguments often ended in an even greater division of parties as well as personal relationships.

It was inevitable that a division in the country would become apparent during the election season; however, the current segregation is in full responsibility of individuals in America. One of the ultimate goals in our country is to create stability and harmony not only with other countries, but within our borders as well.

For a country who so strongly supports freedom of speech, it was disgusting to witness the single-mindedness and entitlement many individuals expressed to the opposing. For a country who so strongly supports anti-bullying, it was beyond upsetting to witness remarkably insulting and hateful comments exchanged amongst parties.

In order to find a balance between both groups in our country, individuals must understand the certainty to opposition. In addition, determining a solution to national issues will not be made through close-minded arguments driven by hate.

Though the election has finally come to a close, the importance of respecting everyone’s views and rights to opinion needs to be strongly emphasized for upcoming years. Individuals have the right to express their own thoughts and deserve to be courteously listened to as well.

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