Women’s swim team finishes 14th at State

By Claire Sabino

The women’s swim team took 14th overall at state meet in Marshalltown on Saturday, Nov. 5, and coach Mike Hagensick said he, “thought the girls made great strides this year, especially with their mindset. We have a core group of girls now who have bought into growth mindset. I think continuous improvement is always part of life. If you aren’t moving forward then you are moving backwards. There is no maintaining. We will continue to push growth mindset. Other areas for improvement are general strength and execution of details.”

Hagensick has been coaching since 2008 in various capacities, but this has been his first year with the girls.

The girls that went alongside Hagensick to State were Sammi Hall, Maddie Schoppe, Jordyn Valentine, Ashton Syharath, Raenne Burke, Renee Plassman, Grace Considine, Katherine Wikner, Olivia Clark and Ellie Shimp.

The 200 free relay got 7th with Clark, Shimp, Considine and Hall, and the 400 free relay got 9th with Clark, Considine, Katherine Wikner and Hall on it. Hall also got 9th in the 100 back, while Considine got 10th in the 500 free and 20th in the 200 free. Clark added 7th in the 50 free and 7th in the 100 free.

Keying in on a few of the elite swimmers, Considine said, “I thought I swam really well. Our coach did a really good job preparing us for State and Districts last week. For as small as a team as we had go to State (only had five girls swim and three dive), we did really well. Everybody was excited to swim, and it made our performance better.

“We didn’t place very well due to how small our team was, but I think everybody was very happy with their swims or dives.”

Considine said in addition to the State meet, she just enjoyed being with her teammates. “After the meet, we always have team parties, and those are always really fun. We eat a lot and hang out and really connect as a team.

“It’s really sad that the season’s ending because everybody loves swimming for high school, and not having these parties anymore to get to hang out with the team because everybody loves each other and most of the girls really miss it in the off season.”

Considine will swim the rest of her high school career and would say her favorite race is the 500 or the 200 free.

On the diving side, another sophomore, Jordyn Valentine, said, “I don’t feel great about my performance, yet the team overall did well. There is room for improvement.”

Clark is also looking ahead. “I’m a junior, and my favorite race is probably the 200 IM; however, I swam all freestyle events this season at State. I was pretty happy with my times, but I would’ve liked to place better,” she said. “Overall, I think our team did extremely well, and I’m excited for the years to come. Every girl always puts everything they have out there, without a doubt — and that’s all I can ask for.”

And though next year is a long ways away, she says the team will be ready to compete. “We always try to make the best of our meets because sometimes they do take a while, and State is extremely nerve wracking.”

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