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A few weeks ago, I did an article on top 5 “Lets players.” This week, we’ll be doing something different. We’ll be diving into music youtubers. These youtubers range to those who make animated music videos (AMVs) to those who make rap battles and more. One word of thought: this list will include those with original content, not people who just upload cover songs.

The first person on this list shall be The Warp Zone with their re-cap raps. This channel is usually known for the comedy, but as of a few months ago, it began to do the re-cap raps series. This series is basically a summary of a movie, but in the format of a rap. As someone who’s seen some of the movies, they do quite a good job. However, if you’re on their channel for comedy, don’t worry. There are some good jokes hidden in their songs.

One word for fans, though: they do not put a spoiler warning, so if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t watch them, but besides that, their raps are amazing.

The second site on this list is Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB). These people, as their name suggests, do rap battles with someone from history. This could feature various people from a small cameo, to one of the rappers.

The battles are more serious than silly, but they have some subtle comedy. It’s  a bit hard to explain their videos, because they either have characters from the same universe or sometimes, like with one of the most recent rap battles, a person from the real world versus someone from a fantasy world. These rap battles are very well done and they’re worth watching. Sometimes they’re a bit odd, but still very enjoyable.

The third person on this list is VideoGameRapBattles. This user, as the name suggests, does raps between two video games characters, rarely from the same universe. What makes this person amazing is the raps are well thought out, use the characters’ real world game data and more. This person is amazing at finding small things that might turn a victory for the underdog. There’s not a ton more to say about him, but he’s definitely worth the time to check out.

The fourth person on this list is an unfrequented youtuber by the name of Swift. This youtuber does AMVs (Animated Music Videos). These are very underrated, and I personally love them. An AMV basically uses scenes from an animated show, with a song playing over it. This song and the scenes usually follow a theme, such as love scenes following a song about love, or something like that.

He has not uploaded much, but the little he has uploaded have been amazing. If you enjoy AMVs, he might be worth the time to check out.

The fifth and final person on this list shall be NateWantsToBattle. This youtuber basically takes a single song or an album, and covers it. This might seem odd, but his voice is amazing, since he’s a professional singer of sorts.

As his name suggests, he does do a lot of Pokemon content, so if you’re not a huge Pokemon fan, steer clear of him. However, he does do more than just Pokemon, so don’t worry.

Overall, I personally have something from every one of the listed youtubers on my song playlist. Every single one of them has a pro and con; however to me, all these youtubers are amazing for their own specific reasons. So go check some of these guys out.

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