Holmes groups line up holiday opportunities

This holiday season at Holmes Junior High, students and staff have put together several opportunities to donate or get involved.

In the past, Holmes has held candy cane sales where students can buy candy canes for friends for a dollar. This year’s sale runs from Dec. 8-15. Last year they raised $878, and the goal for this year in $900.

Last year Holmes had Santa pictures, but this year they will be New Years Pictures. “Student council has made an effort to still honor past traditions but lessen the focus on the holiday. Decorations will be more winter wonderland and New Years pictures instead of Santa,” counselor Julie Rouse said. Cost per picture will be $4.

All proceeds will go toward buying gift cards to Walmart or Kohls for families that the school “adopts.”

“We are motivated to help our Holmes familie have a more joyous holiday season,” Rouse said.

Other opportunities would be with the Holmes Huddle or FCA group at Holmes. Usually this group does Christmas dinner handouts. Corey Peters, PE teacher at Holmes who helps lead this group, said, “I always believe that any ministry that God has me doing starts in my home first.”

The group has adopted a few families to support this season with gifts and food. Peters has had previous relationships with these families as he has gotten to know them through his street ministry.

The street ministry will head out on Tuesdays this month to give back. They meet at the Heartland Vineyard Church and go from 6-8 p.m. They hand out groceries and intentionally go after tougher neighborhoods. “If we claim to be Christians, darkness should disturb us to action. The best action we can offer is love.”

Holmes Huddle is for students at Holmes. They meet on Fridays before school. All of these fundraisers have the same end goal, which is to help our community have a better holiday season.

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