Bowlers reflect on team unity before Districts

As bowling season nears it’s end, players reflected on the unity and friendships made during this successful season.

Junior bowler Shaelynn Stotser said, “My favorite thing about bowling would probably be being on a team and seeing myself as well as my teammates improve through the season. I also enjoy getting a strike, especially during baker’s, when you turn around and all of your other teammates are cheering and excited. It gives you a sort of rush and makes you feel very proud. On the other hand, you get just as much of a rush when your teammate does well, and it makes you feel just as much, if not more proud and excited.”

(Find out more about captain Emily Barth in her in her interview as Athlete of the Week here.)

As the team looks toward Districts and attempting to qualify for State, team members are most thankful for each other.

Freshman bowler Aliah Gander said, “The people are so amazing and supportive.”

As a first year bowler, she said she never felt out of place or uncomfortable; the team was an inviting group that is very accepting.

Gander said, “It was a little weird coming in as a freshman because I didn’t know what to expect, but again the girls are so supportive of each other.”

Neither girl expected to love the sport as much as they do. They encourage more people to try it, for they might end up loving it as much as they do.

Stotser said, “I would say that more people should consider bowling. I never thought about it much, but one day I joined just to join, and I never thought I would love bowling and being on a team this much. It will have ups and downs, but there were girls on the team dropping their balls and guttering every frame who are now getting constant strikes. Even if you don’t think you’re going to be good at it, you just have to stick with it, and have fun with it, and being on a team is honestly the most enjoyable thing, getting to hang out for a few hours a couple days a week is really great.”

Their next home game before Districts is Feb. 10 at Maple Lanes at 4:15.

(After Districts, Men’s bowling makes it to state! Click here for the story.)

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