Social media comments can be battleground of alliances

There are two sides to everything. Two sides of a coin, two sides of a sword. No matter where you look, it’ll apply.

This goes for Internet most of all. There are terrors, but there are lights. There are foes, but there are also friends. There are haters, but there are also allies.

First, the terrors could be classified in many ways, but mainly you see them in the form of troll comments. These comments are only there to attract attention, and when you trip the wire, so to speak, the bomb will explode. Usually if you reply to someone seeking attention, you will get attacked right back. However, as spoken of earlier, there are two sides to everything. Just as there people seeking attention, there are people giving praise. People giving praise are to be supported and nothing more. The terrors and the lights are the least of the concerns of the Internet.

Next up, we will discuss foes and friends. These are common topics, and are very hard to describe unless you’ve experienced both.

To put  in simple, a foe is someone who you have started a comment war with. A comment war is when you and one to three other people have a long string of comments on one comment post, going back and forth in some sense. A foe is the person you’re fighting in the sense. As with everything, there are two sides to this story.

A friend is someone who will stand by your side through a foe and will fight through the comment war with you.  A friend will stick by you and help you, while a foe will strike you down. These people are bad, but not as bad as what is to come.

Haters and allies, at first glance, might seem the same as friends and foes. However, they are not the same. Friends you usually know in real life and online, and in some cases only online, and will talk with you outside of comment wars. An ally will only be that, an allie to call on in a comment war. This is not to say a friend can not be an ally, but more than likely you’ll have one or the other.

In the same sense, a hater and a foe aren’t the same. A foe is usually easily defeated, with a simple block or a long discussion that ends with the people laughing it off. A hater, however, won’t end like this.

Haters will do everything in their power to make you break down. Haters are, in a sense, the true evil of the Internet, Youtube especially. Haters will track you to every social media and find any way to pick on you, from an embarrassing photo, or post, to a video about how much you suck. However, as discussed earlier, you will have allies, most likely, to defend you.  

As a coin has two sides, heads and tails, so does the Internet have light and dark. A sword has two sides, the sharp end and the dull end, so does the Internet have foes and friends.

Finally, a dog can be loyal one moment and trying to bite you the next. You could be laughing with an ally one moment, then they could be attacking you the  next.

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