Pence email discovery exposes hypocritical past

On March 2, possibly the nation’s largest case of hypocrisy was exposed when it was revealed that Mike Pence used his personal email to conduct official state business, sometimes concerning sensitive matters, while Governor of Indiana.

You might be asking what the big deal is, and to be fair, a lot of Americans are. No, it didn’t endanger the lives of Americans, or make secret trade deals between Indiana and Russia. But what it did do is make Pence the nation’s largest hypocrite.

He has no room to speak about Hillary Clinton and her emails because he too had a personal email that he used for governmental business. Sure, Clinton was in a more important and sensitive position, but when it comes down to the bare bones of the situations, they did the exact same thing. but Pence had the audacity to go on a campaign trail with Trump, and laugh at Clinton and point out her emails at whatever chance he got.

Recently, some of the emails were shown to the public, and Pence immediately criticized the press for giving out his wife’s email, which was contained in the emails released. Leave it to him to make a big deal about the smallest infringement on his personal security when his personal email was something he kept a secret from his constituents.

So how does this relate to Hillary’s emails? Well, besides the fact that they both used personal emails and kept that information hidden, it doesn’t relate at all. Pence’s emails were state business with sometimes sensitive manners being discussed on a personal account. With Hillary, the emails overshadowed her political campaign, and, in the end, might have cost her the presidency as Republicans used the press to overblow the whole situation.

With Pence, the emails are barely even a blip on the monitor — the Americans who elected him aren’t the types to look into his emails and critically judge them; they just want to sweep his errors under the rug so he can continue to serve as vice president without scandal.

Hillary’s emails are something of the past — nothing that happened in her email exchange was criminal, and had it been proved to be, she would have been tried for the allegations. Pence also (so it seems) hasn’t performed an illegal act with his private email. It will be interesting to see how many of the emails are released to the public, and what we will make of them. The government doesn’t work for us unless we make it work.

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