Rockin’ It: Brothers build memories on Arizona trip over break

Freshman Ryan Dunlop places a stone on a ridge near Havasu City, Ariz., over spring break. He and his brother John built a number of creations with stones.

While kids here in the below freezing weather over spring break might have been stacking snow along their shoveled driveways, freshman Ryan Dunlop was in the warm weather of Arizona stacking rocks.

Driving through Lake Havasu City, Ariz., with his parents, older brother and grandparents, Dunlop noticed these rock stack figures on the sides of the road and was really interested in it.

“One day my family and I went on a hike, and I notice this was a big thing that people did here, and I wanted to experience it on my own,” Dunlop said.

Dunlop got inspired by how big and cool these figures are and wanted to make his own bigger than the rest. With the help of his brother John, he started to stack rocks to make some awesome figures. While they were on the hike they also added to almost every rock figure they came across, making them bigger than before and hoping that people would continue to add to them.

“You start with a bigger flat rock on the bottom of the stack, and as you go up, you put smaller and smaller rocks on top of that bigger rock. You want to make sure the rocks are somewhat flat so they stay up and the stack is stable,” he said.

“It was pretty unique to see what some people did with their stacks out there. We wanted to leave our mark in Arizona, so we tried our best to one up every stack we came across. It was almost like a game,” John Dunlop said.

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