Engineering students release details on upcoming patio project

The high school will be gaining a newly developed work and leisure area for students and teachers within the upcoming months.

Engineering teacher Zeb Nicholson and his senior class have been constructing a plan for an outdoor patio and picnic area to provide teachers and students with work, study and leisure space.

Nicholson said, “My students envision the area to be a large 24 foot by 36 foot patio made of either cement or a small red gravel material made from crushed granite. On this patio will be six large round tables made of rubber-coated metal. Each table should comfortably seat eight students for a total seating capacity of 48 people on the patio.”

This installation will primarily be used by students for work and leisure purposes during power hour and release periods.

Nicholson said, “The hope is that students use it to eat lunch every day when the weather permits. It will relieve some of the congestion within the school walls during power hour by allowing and encouraging students to eat outside without leaving the school campus.  Students will also be able to use this area when they have a release period. Rather than leaving campus for one class period, they can hang out outside at the patio.”

The outdoor area will provide students with an additional workspace as well as giving them a chance to revive with fresh air during school hours.

Junior Alexandra Gudgeon said, “We definitely need more outdoor space for students. I have seen that some students use the football area for picnicking during power hour while others use the sidewalk area for skateboarding. If we had more seating on the outsides of the school, a larger portion of the student body would be able to enjoy the weather and fresh air.”

Sophomore Tyler Westerman said, “I usually sit in the hallway during lunch periods to avoid the chaos of the actual lunchroom. If we had an outdoor seating area, my friends and I would take advantage of it.”

In addition to student benefits, teachers will be encouraged to use this area for teaching purposes and outdoor lessons.

Nicholson said, “Another big hope for this project is for teachers to take their classes outside and do more lessons outdoors.  Surveys given by our class this past fall showed overwhelming support that students and teachers both would use an outdoor classroom space such as the one my students have made.”

Gudgeon said, “Having classes outdoor makes getting through some periods a lot easier than if they were in the same classroom as usual. It gives students a chance to breathe and enjoy the weather. However, it’s a rare occasion that this happens usually because there is no area for the class to go. With a new outdoor area designated for classroom purposes, I think teachers and students will be greatly benefited.”

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