Catalyst group adding inspiring quotes to Peet hallways

Freshman Sabine Martin is one of the Catalyst members contributing to the new quotes in the halls of Peet Junior High. (Emma DeWitt photo)

In this last month of school, Peet Junior High will be getting a student makeover. Students who are apart of the Catalyst group, and some who are not, are painting quotes around the bare hallways of the junior high.

The Catalyst group is a selected group of leaders in Peet who aren’t always in major leadership roles like student council. Sarimah Ogbonda, a Catalyst member explained. “We do independent projects to improve the ‘Tiger Way,’ a slogan we use that represents the culture of Peet Junior High. Projects like adding inspiring quotes around the school with paint and more that are still in the process.”

At the moment, there are only two quotes, but they are working on getting more. The science and math hallway got the fitting quote, “Think like a proton, Always Positive,” while the English and social studies hallway has, “All I’ve done is give you a book. You have to have the courage to learn what’s inside it.”

The art has been fulfilling its purpose and is been being appreciated by the students. When walking to their classes, students will stop to read the words and occasionally point it out to their friends.

Freshman Emma DeWitt, a student council member, said, “I always thought that it was cool how Holmes had their hallways, so when I heard they were going to paint quotes in our hallways, I wanted to help.”

Teachers also have been loving it. “I didn’t know it was happening, so it was a pleasant surprise. It makes our school a bit less ‘institutional,’” said Jennifer Schultz, an 8th and ninth grade science teacher.

More art and quotes are on the way.

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