CF family relishes wonderful world of Disney

As Disney World evolves to keep up with the growing luster of entertainment, it skillfully manages to preserve the fairytale/traditional basis that we all know and love. Disney World is comprised of four parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and HollyWood Studios. This past week, my family and I got the opportunity to travel down to Orlando and hit three of the four parks in one day.

As we had been multiple times before, we were slightly worried that the attractions would be the same old procedure and that our older family may have outgrown the younger family feel. We were dead wrong. My family members are never too old for Disney. Starting with my 43 year old dad, Paul.

“Well first off, Disney creates opportunities for fun that all ages will enjoy. That’s what pleases parents the most. You’ve got rides like Dumbo for those kindergartners, terrifying roller coasters like Expedition Everest for teens, and nostalgic ride-alongs like Pirates of the Caribbean for the more senior cast members,” Paul said.

“My favorite ride was definitely the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs mining ride through the mountainside. It was the first time I had ever gone on it, which says that Disney is constantly manufacturing new ideas and keeping the magic on the role. I remember as we came out of the dark of the cave into the light night air, the Disney nighttime fireworks were exploding around us. I felt like I was lifted up into the sky where the firework finale was taking place. They’re doing a great job by bringing in new attractions. Sure you have to pay through your nose, but it’s worth it,” he said

My mom would agree with that whole scene, but her highlight would shift over to the park of Epcot, where the new “Frozen” ride would be waiting for us. Eager to explain, Jenni shared the experience from start to finish.

“You have to know, the landscaping is amazing in all the different worlds at Epcot, the gardening alone is worth seeing. In case you didn’t know, there are lands within Epcot that are different countries like Norway, France and Mexico. All the workers in these countries are dressed authentically and seriously from the countries, making it incredibly authentic,” Jenni said.

“Speaking on Frozen, the minute you step into the ride that is in Norway, you are in a nighttime village scene on cobblestone pathways and lantern lit windows. Waiting for the ride was almost as good as the ride, especially walking through Oakens trading post,” she said. “The actual ride was amazing. We got on a viking looking canoe that took us on an river through the evening woods. Witnessing the whole story portrayed in the movie was cool, but at one point Elsa sings the iconic ‘Let it Go,’ and as the song crescendoed, our canoe was spun backwards, and we accelerated into a drop. The Frozen ride had to be the best with all the components coming together for an authentic and new experience.”

For my thrill seeking sister, Elley, nothing but pure danger and fright will have her saying the Disney trip was worthwhile. Luckily, Disney’s most popular ride, “Expedition Everest,” had just that, towering in the Animal Kingdom. To explain herself, Elley told why all thrill seekers will be satisfied.

“As a thrill seeker, I look for indicators that only those with the best of health will survive. Speaking of Everest, it’s already a ginormous snowy mountain in the middle of the Animal Kingdom. You can’t miss it. The anticipation of this dangerous roller coaster sold it for me. This ride had a catch, though. As you travel to the boarding site, you walk through Himalayan sites and camps that all say one thing. ‘Beware the Yeti.’ So basically, all these hikers and adventurers abandoned the expedition because this guardian of the mountain got in their way. You already wonder if you’re going to encounter this beast as you board your traveling train.” Elley said a couple moments frightened even her steel heart.

“As you’re already roughing it speedily through mountain, there are tense and frightening sounds that you wonder about and think back to the Yeti with. The real kicker is when you climb up to the highest part of the mountain, and all of a sudden you’re basically suspended on these outdoor tracks looking out over all of Disney World, except one thing: The tracks ahead of you have been destroyed and twisted. RIght after you realize this, the whole cart lurches backward, and you go into an inverted front flip while you’re still backward. At the very end of your ride, strobe lights hit you, and you on and off see the huge Yeti approaching with his claws inches from your face. You just manage to dive out of it and return back to the HImalayan boarding site. This had to be the best ride, as it proved Disney isn’t just for young kids, but for those that still want an awesome roller coaster, with added thematic atmosphere.”

It’s clear to us, and hopefully you, that Disney is ageless and brings magic to all personalities and ages. Whether it’s thrill, leisure enjoyment or the traditional experience, Disney is there to make all those dreams come true.

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