Our View: National Police Week calls for support of Law Enforcement

Monday kicked off the start to National Police Week, a week of appreciation of fallen and currently serving law enforcement officers. With the current cultural climate tending to be very anti-law enforcement spurred by politicians and political movements, police officers need our support more than ever.

Take the time this week to reflect on the brave men and women who have given their lives protecting complete strangers. Already this year, 48 officers have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting others.

One of the fallen lost his life while serving just a few weeks ago here in Iowa. Deputy Mark Burbridge and another deputy were escorting two prisoners back to their jail cells from a court appearance when one of the inmates disarmed one of the deputies and shot them both, killing deputy Burbridge.

Law Enforcement Officers risk their lives everyday to protect and serve their communities, and lately their service to society has been repaid with attacks against them, and calls for violence. Police officers are berated and villanized in popular music and media listened to by easily influenced teenagers daily.

As today marks the end of National Police Week, reflect on the sacrifices made by few, to save many.

Next time you see a police officer, thank them, because one day, they might just save your life.

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