Two juniors fall for Autumn Fashion

Style is the best way for students to stand out in a crowd and express themselves. As the weather changes due to the Autumn season, shorts weather leaves and clothing can be worn with more versatility.

Junior Lars Christiason is known for his bold, standout aesthetic. He breaks down what he prefers to wear in the fall by type and brand of clothing.

For shoes he prefers skater style footwear, keeping it simple. At this time of year he likes to wear olive and black Adidas joggers or distressed skinny jeans.

His shirts are what he really likes to make pop. He prefers designer brand shirts rich with bold logos. His favorite brands for shirts include Supreme, Off White, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Asspizza and Raf Simons.

Christiason is also eccentric when it comes to his accessories. “As far as accessories go, I usually like to wear my mom’s shades,” Christiason said.

He also dons his grim reaper chain and sometimes a spiked choker around his neck. To top it off, Christiason will sometimes be seen wearing his Asspizza or Gianni Mora summer designer cap.

Another Junior, Joey Dunning defined his style. “I am not brand driven, and I try to do my own thing.”

He also draws inspiration from CFHS alumni Ben Eastman, who is currently enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

“Shout out my bro Ben Eastman for opening my eyes. He made me realize that clothing can be more than just what you wear. It can be a statement. He does his own thing that only he can pull off, so that made me want to dress my own way and make my style be inspired by me,” Dunning said. “I think my style makes me individual because it’s what I like to wear, and I’m not trying to copy anyone else in particular. It’s just me.”

In preparing for the fall months, Dunning said, “Autumn-winter are my favorite seasons for style. I love to put on multiple layers, and that’s definitely easier in the colder months. I also like to wear pants way more than I like to wear shorts, so that’s another pro about fall/winter.”

When buying clothes Dunning prefers to shop online from web stores such as as it is more convenient for him. He will also shop at thrift stores such as Goodwill, finding cool, under-the-radar clothing.

Dunning’s advice for others trying to express themselves through clothing is simple. “Try to go your own route, but if you like what someone else is doing, nothing’s stopping you from being inspired by them.”

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