Our View: New camera installation increases school security

New things are coming to the high school regarding the safety of our staff and student body. High-technology cameras are being placed in the school to strengthen the overall security of the building.

“Some will be new. Some will be replaced. Some will stay the same. In the end, we will have about 90 cameras throughout the building and outside,” Associate Principal Troy Becker said.

These cameras will be high definition along with a larger range to rid the system of any “dead spots” where cameras can not see.

“They give a much clearer image, and in some cases they view 360 degrees instead of just one direction,” Becker said.

This will also help the school with any investigations and problems such as theft and  issues in the hallways.

“Safety and security are very important to us, and the upgrade in cameras will really help in those areas,” Becker said.

In an ever changing world where technology seems to do more and more every day, it is hard keeping up. These new cameras will not only help the staff, but the students as well with safely in the school.

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