‘Stranger Things 2’ deepens dimensions

The eighties nostalgia, unnerving science fiction monsters and an absolutely loveable cast of characters makes “Stranger Things 2” have everything it’s predecessor offered while offering more depth and originality.

The show returns to it’s hometown of Hawkins, Ind., one year later from the events of the last season. Things have seemed to have died down for the time, but the other-dimensional monster and experimental, super-powered children are all but long gone.

The writing and acting of the show remains solid and powerful. “Stranger Things 2” steers far away from the cookie cutter archetypal roles it could fall into. The characters deliver tear jerking depth and dimensionality not always seen on TV through splendid performances. The party is back with each kid getting a share of screen time to develop and become more three dimensional.

Will continues to try to recover from his time in the upside down while Mike waits for his long lost friend Eleven to return. The older high schoolers’ drama continues to play out as they react to the traumatic events of the past. As things grow more and more out of control, Will’s mother Joyce continues to worry and care about her son who is still affected by the dark dimension: the upside down. Sheriff Hopper displays his stoic vulnerability, further developing his character as he takes on an unexpected role. New characters are also added to the show that do not feel out of place and fill into the cast very nicely.

The pacing of the show takes a slow eerie crawl that makes it impossible to resist watching another episode. As tension increases, there are moments of joy, heartbreak and gut wrenching intensity that will make the audience feel a wide range of emotions. Although the plot can be all over the place sometimes and a bit difficult to follow, the show manages to connect and bring everything together very nicely.

What really drives the magic of the show is the eighties vibe it gives off. The time period when “Stranger Things 2” takes place has a unique fashion and technological clunkiness to it that gives off a nostalgic sentiment. The synth music is incredible and adds to the mood and feel of the time period massively.

On a larger scale and just as good as the original, “Stranger Things 2” offers a great sequel to the show and was worth the long wait that fans had to endure. The world of “Stranger Things” is built on and deepened in the second season, and promises fans a third installment to anxiously await next October.

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