Our View: Students bake for Jake

After getting a cup of ice cream from Tootsie’s in his hometown of LaPorte City, 16-year-old Jake Wilson told his family he was talking a walk down to Wolf Creek near his home on an unusually cold Saturday night, April 7. He was wearing a brown zip-up hoodie, dark pants and cowboy boots on the last night he was seen.

Since then, hundreds of volunteers have poured into LaPorte City to assist in helping to find him, and last week on Friday, April 13, Wilson’s classmates coordinated a bake sale to raise money to aid in paying for the community efforts to find Wilson.

“Jake was in my FCS classroom, he loved to cook, so when Mrs. Frahm told us about Bake for Jake, we wanted to help bake,” senior Isabella Schlarmann said.

Art students collaborated with the special needs classroom to design posters for the bake sale; after the posters were done, students hung them on every corner of the school.

“Miss Anderson had wanted to arrange a bake sale, and Isabella Schlarmann and I actually were head over heels about the idea,” junior Ferran Richmond said.

The special needs classroom spent their whole Thursday before Bake for Jake to bake goodies; with the help of teachers, and other students, they coordinated Bake for Jake and sold $1,300 to $1,400 worth of donated baked goods and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in the Tiger’s Den before classes.

The money went to assist organizations such as Red Cross, LaPorte City police and fire departments in their search for Wilson. “It was an amazing environment to be around, and it was really heart warming to me that I got to help out with something that means a lot, not only the staff and classmates but to me as well,” Richmond said.

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