Essential oils aid range of ailments

While in high school, many students, and most likely teachers too, have experienced headaches, stress, anxiety and, duh, everyone gets sick.

Like many in the world, when you experience something such as a headache or migraine even, you’d go to your medicine cabinet, pop a few Advils, Ibuprofens or Tylenol and hope it just went away.

Now, many parents, young adults and teenagers are turning to essential oils, which are used  in the practice of aromatherapy by inhaling through the nose and mouth, or rubbing them on the skin.

Oil educator Andrea Dellit said she was first introduced to the essential oils four years ago when at work.

As she was struggling with itchy eyes, constant sneezing and a runny nose, a co-worker of hers gave her a combination of that she claimed would help with her symptoms.

“Within minutes I found relief. From there I just started looking into them as other issues came up and found great success. I loved having natural options at home that I could try first,” she said.

Dellit said that she has found having these natural and healthy solutions has helped with solutions to health challenges that her family has faced.

“They help get to the root cause rather than just cover up symptoms” she said.

Because there are a wide variety of oils, Dellit and her family have been able to treat illnesses, but she said she also found that the oils are a great source of support throughout the day as well as helping with sleep during the night.

But questions remain as to whether the therapy of essential oils really work.

Just like pharmaceuticals, there is no right answer because some things, whether it be pills or oils, may work for one person and not the other. It just depends.

“Not everyone chooses the same medication for a headache. Oils are similar in that they can work differently for different people,” Dellit said. “In general, there are main chemical components that help with certain issues, like calming the skin, for example, that we can draw on and make general assumptions that certain oils are best for specific issues.”

Personally, I have used the oils for sore throat, lack of sleep, anxiety and I could go on.

I’ve found that most of the oils didn’t work so well for me, and I was going to write them off until my mom introduced dōTERRA HD clear foam face wash and the oil Melaleuca for my acne and acne scarring.

At first I didn’t think much of it because none of the other oils I used benefitted me after using them multiple times, so, I figured the high school stress would yet again eat away at my skin and cause acne problems.

But I am very glad I didn’t just throw it in the oil bin with the rest because in just days, my skin cleared up by using the facial wash oil and a moisturizer twice a day.

The essential oil also has left me with a subtle confidence boost because I had been so ashamed of my acne, scars and a natural face.

Many mornings I would wake up extra early just to do my makeup and made sure everything was somewhat covered, and now I am OK to walk out of the house with a bare face because Melaleuca has given me that security.

Like my family and I, Dellit and hers, have gained a lot of knowledge and use from oils for both physical and mental health standpoints that many should look into as well.

“I would highly recommend essential oils and exploring what support they can provide. There are options for nearly nearly everyone and any budget,” Dellit said.

She said she would also highly recommend a workshop or a one on one conversation with an oil educator to explore options and to learn how to safety use essential oils.

There are many different options for finding the right oils and where they can be purchased.

Essential oils are sold at nearly every store as well as online such as, Walmart,, etc.

However, Dellit recommends purchasing oils from an oil educator in order to have a specific resource and support to help you learn how to safely use your oils.

If anyone would like to get in touch with Dellit about essential oils, her personal site is or can be reached via cell phone also at 757-535-0246.

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