Main Street businesses open new store in College Square

After six years of steady business for Main Street Sweets at their first location, College Square Mall now houses the joint efforts of the local candy shop and Here’s What’s Poppin’ in their second location located next to Claire’s.

“We knew the mall needed a little bit of help, and we wanted a little bit of extra income as well,” Candace Fober, a three-year Main Street Sweets employee, said. “We hope to increase sales through the holiday season, and that’s how it really took off.”

Sarah Wagner, a Main Street Sweets Employe, said, “Honestly, I think the mall needs a lot more stores. For us this was just another location for us to get business, and it’s on the other side of town, so it’s easier to access for the people who live over here.” 

But the new storefront will have its work cut out for it in a mall that is losing occupants all the time.

“The Cedar Falls mall is definitely not what it used to be. It went from being the number one hangout spot to now being very hollow,” senior Aimee Robinsky said. “It’s interesting to witness that over the course of a few years. It went downhill so fast.”

While the new addition may help pick up business, it may need more than a simple spruce up to save a beloved place.

“With just our location, I don’t know if that is enough to save it,” Wagner said.

While the mall may not house many attractions, lots of options remain to help the establishment gain momentum.

“Maybe more publicity or some more popular vendors would help it so they don’t have to go out of business right away. Or possibly another restaurant,” Hailey Block, a senior and avid shopper, said. 

Although College Square Mall may not see as many customers as in previous years, it still holds a special place for many.

“It is without a doubt going down hill, and though I am hoping it does not, I’d be very shocked if it made a comeback in the future,” Robinsky said.

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