New Drug: Sugar, caffeine usage can lead to dangerous addictions

Most people know that sugar isn’t good for them, but do they know most scientists consider it to be as addictive as cocaine. When sugar is consumed, it releases dopamine and opioids much like cocaine and heroin. The hormones make the body want more of what was just put into it, so the body continues to want more and more sugar until it’s satisfied, which never happens.

Caffeine is also another drug that most people don’t realize is so bad. The difference between sugar and caffeine is caffeine is now considered a drug and is one the most addictive of the bunch. Caffeine is viewed as a stimulant drug, so those who use it feel more alert. 

This is becoming a big problem with teenagers because teenagers are getting less and less sleep, so they turn to coffee and other caffeinated products to wake them up. 

However, what most teenagers don’t realize is the long-lasting problems caffeine causes. One long-term effect that is most common is caffeine dependency, which makes the body rely on caffeine and require more and more caffeine for the same result. This can cause anxiety and depression, which take a severe toll on the mental state, and to add to that, caffeine can cause difficulty sleeping. 

These effects are caused by regular and heavy use, so they can be avoided by lessening the consumption of caffeine, which will reduce the dependency on caffeine as well as improve sleep patterns and well-being. 

Caffeine addictions can deteriorate the mind and body, as well as sugar. Sugar is one of the leading causes of obesity, which is taking over the country and leads to many deadly results. Sugar is one of the least healthy things one can consume because of the significant lack of other nutrients. Sugar cravings can be all consuming and can take over one’s life as caffeine does. 

Lessening or taking out sugar and caffeine consumption all together can help improve body conditions, but doing this can cause withdrawals and make it difficult to quit, but persevering can heal physical and mental well-being.

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