Junior expresses his style with unique brands

Junior Hollis Wilson’s style in seventh grade was similar to a lot of junior high students during that stage of life: basketball shorts/sweats and a T-shirt. It wasn’t until he watched a Tyler the Creator music video that he realized there was more to fashion than sweatpants. Since then Wilson’s style has changed drastically to brands like Golf, Supreme, Dickies and Advisory Wilson and his friends also created a clothing brand based on their combined styles. On a typical school day, one can see Wilson sporting his clothing brand, “old people” apparel, Dickies workwear pants and Advisory sandals, of course, with socks. 

Where do you get the majority of your clothes? From small streetwear brands that are mostly found online. 

How would you describe your style? Definitely part of the streetwear fashion category. It kind of has some skate influence too. Who is your style icon? I guess the person who has probably had the biggest influence on my fashion/style through the years is Tyler the Creator. Definitely kind of changed the swing of things clothing wise for me. You used to wear basketball shorts and an athletic top. How would you say your style has changed from when you were younger/ junior high years? OK, so, basically in seventh grade I was wearing sweatpants and basketball shorts. Then I realized there are some cooler clothes I could be wearing because I watched a Tyler the Creator video, and I was like “Woah, what’s this? This is really cool looking.” So then I started wearing different clothes and diving into fashion a little more. How has your clothing brand oldpeople helped to develop your style? So, it’s definitely developed my style in the sense that I can make what I want to wear. I wear a lot of white T-shirts because we released those, so many of them, of just like random things on my shirt. I like that. You know what I mean? Do you think you and the other guys who created oldpeople’s style have influenced the business? The clothing brand is completely based on what we would want to be wearing. That’s the final question we ask with every design, “Would we want to be wearing this shirt or piece of clothing, or not?” What is your go to outfit for school? My sandals, socks, Dickie’s. They’re a pants brand. They’re a workwear brand. And probably an oldpeople shirt. What kind of statement are you striving for with your outfit choices? I don’t know if I am necessarily trying to go for a statement. I want to show people that there are some other clothes you can be wearing, and you could look cool. They can switch it up a little bit and still look cool. How does the environment around you/ social media affect your style? Social media probably has the biggest impact on my style because I can see what everybody is wearing across the world. It helps me keep up to date with what different brands are doing and things that I can be doing for my own clothing brand and also things that are just relevant right now. What is your favorite brand of clothing? Probably this brand called Advisory. They’re a really small clothing brand from the Coast, and a high schooler started it a few years back, and they make really cool clothes, and I like them a lot.

Hollis Wilson Art

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