Last Kick: Swim, dive teams draw on young talent, senior leaders for state tourney tomorrow

After a triumphant run, the women’s swim and dive team’s season is drawing to a close. With State fast approaching, many of the swimmers are looking back over their triumphant season while busily preparing for the upcoming meet on Nov. 2. 

Freshman diver Lily Kramme is learning along the way during her first year on the team. “I honestly had no idea what diving was last year and was still a competitive cheerleader, so it was a lot different. I had a rough start to the season but definitely made up for it toward the end,” Kramme said. “I really have improved a great amount over the season considering the fact that I just started diving three months ago.”

Sophomore Kendall Mallaro said that swimming with the high school team came naturally. “This was my first season on the high school swim team, and, overall, I really enjoyed it and loved all the things we did as a team. I already knew most of the girls from BLAST swim team which helped a lot.” 

Not only do these girls train together for up to three hours, six days a week, but they also spend a lot of time outside of practice bonding with one another. “My favorite part about swim team is the fun we have when we are together. There are so many crazy memories that I did with my friends and the whole team that I will never forget.” Mallaro said. 

Junior Allison Flanscha also said that the team has made a lasting impact on her and helped to form new friendships “The seniors have been so kind and supportive. Since I grew up swimming with some of them, it was crazy to see how much time had passed,” Flanscha said. 

Freshman Grace Frericks agreed and said she is going to have a hard time saying goodbye to team members going off to college. “I am definitely going to miss the seniors. They have been very good role models to me. Grace Considine has been a big part of this team and has been a leader to us. She has really helped me this season,” Frericks said. 

Senior Grace Considine said that the team has really bonded and has been easy for her to help lead as a senior.  “My favorite part about the swim team is how close we all are. I have the privilege to swim with my best friends every day. This makes getting through the hard practices and meets easier,” Considine said. “We really have a lot of fun by being goofy together. They are my second family.” 

With State almost here, the girls are getting ready to say goodbye to their season. Freshmen Grace Bobeldyk said that her first year on the team will definitely be one to remember, thanks to the seniors. “The seniors last year had quite the reputation, and are definitely missed throughout the team,” Bobeldyk said. “I have spent the last few years with this year’s seniors, and there have been so many awesome and unforgettable memories with the ladies, and there will for sure be some tears shed when we have to say goodbye.”

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