Flute player tuning up for teaching

Senior Olivia Heinen joined band as soon as it was available in fifth grade. She started out playing the saxophone but switched to the flute in seventh grade because walking home with a huge saxophone every day from school was treacherous. This year Heinen was ranked the number one flute in the state of Iowa. Next year she plans on going to Iowa State as a musical education major. 

When did you join band? I joined in fifth grade when everyone else start playing band.

Did you play flute than too? I actually started with the saxophone and then switched to the flute in seventh grade. 

Why did you switch? Funny story. I had to walk home every single day from school, and I didn’t like carrying the saxophone because it was too heavy and the flute could fit in my backpack, so that’s why I switched. 

How often do you practice? I practice around an hour every day. 

What is your favorite part about band? I think all the different songs we can play, because everything is so different. All the people are really cool too. 

What type of music do you like to play outside of school? Sometimes it’s fun looking up sheet music online for new songs, and I can just play them because they’re pretty easy—just play like with the recordings and stuff. 

Do you want to continue music in your future? I want to go to Iowa State and be a music ed major. 

What was it like to be the No. 1 flute player in the state? It was super cool. I was really nervous auditioning because for the orchestra, it’s the top six from all the districts that try out for All State, so I was in that. I knew everyone was going to be really I good. It was really fun to be placed first chair, like a lot of hard work that paid off. 

What inspires you to keep playing and working hard? I am wanting to be a band teacher when I’m older, so I think that’s a big reason I keep working every day because it’s something I want to do for a long time. I also really enjoy listening to different band songs, and hearing them always gives me something to work on, which keeps me motivated 

What is your favorite band memory? My favorite memory is probably the band trip junior year to Disney World. It was super fun hanging out with all my friends and riding roller coasters all week while playing Disney songs and performing at Disney. 

What is the biggest challenge regarding band? One of the biggest challenges is finding time to practice every day because often times I have a lot of homework or I will be busy with other things. 

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