Singer explores his talents by creating new beats

The picture above is the ablum cover to one of Xavier’s covers

Sophomore Daniel Xavier began his dream career of a singer/songwriter at the age of four. Although Xavier didn’t talk much as a child, nothing could keep him from blurting out the lyrics to Chris Brown songs  when he played on the radio. Xavier continues to utilize his talents through creating his own catchy songs and snagging solos in the school choir. Xavier hopes that some day he will be like the greats Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, winning Grammys left and right. Visit his SoundCloud at

1. When did you start singing? I started singing when I was four. I think my first song was a Chris Brown song in the back of my car. I barely ever talked when I was younger. My mom said when the song came on I started singing out of nowhere and she was like “Oh my gosh. He can sing! He can sing!” 

2.  When did you start writing music? I started making up songs when I was like six. I’d walk around the house singing songs that weren’t even real. I’d say something really cool or that I wouldn’t know about, that I was too young to know about and my dad would be like, “Where did you hear that from?” I was like “I made it up,” and my dad was like “No, you didn’t.” 

3. Who were/are your inspirations? When I was younger, I didn’t really know much, but I would say Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, stuff like that. Everything I would hear on the radio and what my dad would introduce me to. “Kid you got to know this. If you want to be a singer, you gotta know ‘the greats,’ and then when I got older I started getting more into lyricism. I listened  to Honors Three Thousand, Outcast, I could go on forever. 

4. What impact do your family and friends have on your music? I think they have a big impact. They’re like my biggest pushers. Like, they’ll say “When is your next song coming out?” I was like “I just made one last week.” “I know, but when is it coming out?” And I’d say my mom and dad are very supportive of my dream. They help me with literally everything. 

5. How would you describe your music style? Now, I am making more of an R and B type sound, but there are songs that I haven’t made yet that are very different and people wouldn’t expect me to make. I would just put it in alternative, put it in a box. I try to span around everywhere I can. 

 6. Do you have a platform you produce your music on? Right now I only have my music on SoundCloud because copyright stuff, but when I start mastering my craft and beat making and engineering, I am going to start making stuff on Spotify and any platform that will take my music. 

7. Do you see a future in music? I’d say I see a future in it. My dad said when I was younger he would pray over my mom’s stomach just to make sure that I would have some musical thing because my dad went to some foreign arts school and is in love with music, and he has always wanted a kid who was into that, and me and my brother are both really good. He doesn’t really sing, but he engineers and has a really good ear. I feel like I am really destined to do music. 

8. What do you specifically hope your job will be in the future? Specifically, I want to be a writer. I want to write for other people. I want to engineer beats for other people and myself. I want to write for myself. I want to be Grammy nominated, Grammy award winner. I want to act. I want to go hard on fashion. I want to really go hard into the fashion and music, and push really hard to see how far I can go.

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