FROSTING | After practice, your skills can elevate cakes into art

Cake decorating takes a little skill and practice, but simple melting of chocolate and baking of any cake can lead to beautiful results. 

When I baked my cake, I made it smaller than most, but all of these techniques can be used on any cake of any size. You can pick and choose what type of cake, and I made mine a two-tiered cake. 

I made two small mug cakes in two different sized microwave safe small bowls. This is something I would suggest to anyone who wants a nice cake but not the hassle of baking a whole cake. 

For the fun part,

First you want to frost your cake any type you’d like and set you’re cake in the fridge. 

Next you want to use white chocolate chips you can dye this any color you want in a few different bowls. I dished out as equally as i could, and you don’t need exact measurements, just as much as you would like. 

Take a bit of parchment paper and lay it out use a spoon or fork to drizzle the white chocolate up and down the parchment paper. Once you think you have enough of one color, you can move on to the next. 

Let the white chocolate firm a bit so it doesn’t drip, but while you do, take the cake out of the fridge and place it on your work space.

Next place the white chocolate in the fridge and let it rest for 10-20 minutes or till the thicker parts of the chocolate are firm and can be peeled easily off the parchment paper. 

Lastly take the chocolate out of the fridge and peel it up and break it as you please and then stick the chocolate pieces were you like till you’re done.

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