Fall Fun | New pumpkin patch offers seasonal fun for friends, family

The Dr’s Pumpkin Patch also has a website for purchasing a variety of seasonal offerings.

Those who drive into town on highway 57 usually see plain old land and broken down sheds.  That has all changed this fall and Halloween season.  

Darin Olson had a “why not put in something fun for the whole family” type of idea. Olson followed through and decided to put in a pumpkin patch in the old land. 

Olson said, “There’s the property out in front of my brother’s shop, and every day I would drive by it and think that could be used for something.” 

He said, “It is completely overgrown; it’s an eyesore to the city when people, visitors or residents are coming in, and there’s a way that we can make it look better. Halloween is right up my ally, and it worked out perfect,” Olson said. 

When you go into the pumpkin patch, it’s not just some plain orange pumpkins. You have multiple activities there for little kids, teens and adults.  

As visitors make their way in, there is a barn filled with food, tables and the Turtle Brand stickers, created by  Abby Olson, for sale. 

This business is aesthetically pleasing, not just a field of hay and pumpkins. 

There is a small track and tricycles for racing, hay bales, mum-flowers and decorations for sale. All of the prices can be found online and their facebook page. 

“Lots of games, hay bale fun, which means they can climb all over the hay bales, which a lot of kids don’t even know what a hay bale is,” he said. He created a space and activities for all types of family fun and entertainment. 

“Activities to get kids off the couch and families together, even if it’s for an hour,” Olson said.  

So if you find yourself bored in town, want to feel the autumn wind or have a fall photoshoot with your family or friends, look no further.

Visitors can check out to the Drr’s Pumpkin Patch at 305 Roosevelt Rd., open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday.

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