Wattpad changes paid stories feature


Wattpad is a well-known free writing app that recently adopted a number of changes.

Wattpad is a well-known and beloved free reading website and app, but there have recently been a few changes to their platform. One of the biggest changes is their paid stories feature.

Looking at this feature at first, it seems as if the company has become money-hungry, as most apps and websites have been lately, though one should take a closer look at what exactly a paid story entails.

“Wattpad Paid Stories is a program that makes it possible for writers to earn money for their work,” Wattpad writes. “Readers can purchase Coins that can then be used to unlock chapters or full stories that are part of the program.”

Wattpad has previously released a beta program called Wattpad Next, the temporary version of the new Paid Stories, earlier in the year. This beta version was used by a few different authors on the site and had received similar results and.”many Wattpadders believe that writers should earn money for their work.”

There is no exact percentage given for how much of the revenue the author’s make, but it is put out there that Wattpad does take a percentage. The only other thing they have said is that their priority is the authors and that the “majority” of the revenue goes to them (the writers).

If a writer is interested in joining the Paid Story program, there is sure to be a bit of a wait. “For now, the program is invite only and writers are contacted individually,” Wattpad said. “Currently, Paid Stories is looking for existing or new stories by writers who have established a presence on the platform by achieving a milestone of 10,000 reads or more.”

There is a Google Form open to those who would like their stories to be considered for the program, and this form can be found at goo.gl/9xGbCZ.

This feature is relatively new and still has some flaws that Wattpad is working to fix and improve every day. While their intentions with the Paid Stories feature are good, it can still be frustrating to many users who are used to every story on the site being free to read.

Seeing both the good and the bad of Paid Stories so far, there is no telling where it could go from here or how it could change in the future. There is currently a feedback form on the Wattpad site that can be found at goo.gl/yEX93A.

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