‘Girl From Nowhere’ offers thrilling twists

“Girl From Nowhere” is a mystery-drama and thriller, Thai-language tv series starring 26-year-old actress (Kitty) Chicha Amatayakul. It aired originally in 2018 and is now available to watch on Netflix. With each episode revealing a different situation, all based on true stories where girls have been victimized, one is sure to become intrigued. Though viewer discretion is advised as themes of violence are reoccurring, ranging from bullying to graphic death.

Viewers are first introduced to the main character, a schoolgirl named Nanno. It is clear even from the beginning that there is something strange about her. Though one will soon come to learn that there are bigger problems afoot. With each school Nanno journeys to, there seems to be a surplus of problems that in normal circumstances would be impossible to solve. 

But viewers will soon realize that Nanno is no normal girl. As her solutions to these situations become more intense as each episode passes, one will be conflicted between right and wrong. 

What evils will Nanno expose? Do two wrongs make a right? With 13 episodes in total, ranging in time from 37 to 50 minutes, there is no doubt that viewers will be shocked and thrilled with each new revelation. The finale will surely get one thinking, leaving only one question remaining… what is this girl from nowhere?    


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