Teal make perfect option for early duck hunting

Photo by Brennan Kohls

This beautiful male green wing teal was downed by Brennan Kohls. Teal are a very small type of duck that have their own separate season. Although they are small, teal are very good to eat yet semi hard to get at, due to their similarity to wood ducks, which means you have to check before you shoot. 


Photo by Brennan Kohls

Duck decoys are not a mandatory thing when it comes to duck hunting. There are people that prefer to actually not use decoys because they are expensive and a lot of work, but these two want to get as many ducks as possible.


Photo by Brennan Kohls

That shell you see there is a high brass 12 gauge small birdshot shotgun shell. Because they are hunting teal, they would want to use either high or low brass. It doesn’t matter, but you would want small birdshot shot because teal are more like the size of doves than actual ducks.


Photo by Jason Holden

My dad, middle brother and I went to my oldest brother’s house to go teal hunting. My oldest brother came up with the idea to go duck hunting in kayaks, and these are the results. All of those ducks were brought down in a kayak except two.


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