Multiple ways for students to help community during COVID

Ethan Miller models a homemade mask, which is one way to help the community during COVID.

Ethan Miller models a homemade mask, which students can make to help the community during COVID.

The Cedar Valley is always looking for people willing to help out the community, but maybe especially now. During these times with the Coronavirus, there are actually many ways for you to help out your community. Here are four things you can do to make a difference during these strange times.

  1. Clothing Donations are a very good way to help those around us who are less fortunate and are in need of warmth as summer comes to an end and fall/winter arrive. Goodwill and House of Hope are two of many places where you can take your donations. Even going through your clothes and picking out just one thing to donate can make a difference in someone’s life. 
  2. Food Drives help out our community tremendously. Cedar Valley schools kicked off their annual food drive on Monday, Oct. 5, and it runs to Nov. 4, The high school will offer many options to get involved, including a penny drive, trunk or treating, and getting groups together to volunteer at the food Bank. Taking even a small money donation to the Northeast Iowa Food Bank can create a whole meal for someone. Participating in the penny wars held by the school is an excellent way to contribute to feeding the people in need as well. 
  3. Visiting Nursing Homes is a way to make the elderly feel connected in this time of separation. While it can be somewhat of a risk to possibly bring the virus around their home, they love getting to converse with the younger generations and having someone to talk to can be very comforting. Call the nursing homes in advance to see what guidelines you may need to follow, and if there are restrictions, consider a penpal option like 2020 graduate Hunter Peterson did last spring. Here’s a link to the story.
  4. Making/Donating Masks is a great way to show your support. Many people are not able to buy masks or find masks around, and some people just simply cannot remember to bring theirs from home. A lot of people have started making them to hand out or even sell to the people of our community.

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