New waterloo skatepark receives positive feedback from skaters

A thrilling drop into the bowl, followed by a smooth ride down to the ramps. At the new Waterloo Skatepark anyone and everyone is welcome. 

The new skatepark was officially opened by a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 1. This park is much different than the one in Cedar Falls, from the structures to the materials. In the Cedar Falls park there are metal ramps and rails. The Waterloo skatepark is made of complete cement, and has rails, ramps, ledges, stairs and a bowl.

On Oct. 3, they held the first competition in the new park with skaters from Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Evansdale and even Cedar Rapids. This park has had people using it ever since it opened, including people with skateboards, bikes, rollerblades and roller skates. 

While this new park has already been the spot for a CLSA (CedarLoo Skateboard Association) competition, they still plan to have their annual Fourth Of July competitions held at the Cedar Falls park to keep the tradition.

Many CFHS students go skate at the new park with their friends, learning new tricks and recording skate clips for Instagram feeds. Junior Tyler Emkes said, “My experience at the new skatepark was pretty good. I really like the way they laid it out.”

Sophomore Trevor Burbridge said skating is a great way to connect with other people. “It filled the time I had during quarantine and gives me something to enjoy with my friends.”

There have been many good reports of the new skatepark. Sophomore Corbin Williams said one word to describe his experience is “smooth.” With the park being so new, there are almost no rocks on the ground. They do have brooms left there for the public to use freely to clean up any debris that may accumulate on the cement. 


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