Most popular fall styles of this year

Diving into fall is always a special time. With the changing of the leaves also comes a changing of the wardrobe. The Coronavirus has limited shopping this year, but online shopping has never been more popular. Spaghetti strap tops and jean shorts are going away, and sweaters and leggings are taking over the scene. 

This year is unlike any other for now masks are added to the wardrobe. Masks are a part of our everyday lives now. According to an online Snapchat survey, most people do not care about how their mask will affect the look of their outfit. However, some people have custom made masks that will go with whatever outfit they choose. Like the color black matches everything, people like to make masks that will match with whatever clothing they choose for the day. 

Today, the high school can be seen with all types of unique clothing, but the most commonly and abundantly worn items are sweaters, jackets, leggings, jeans, Converse, and fashion boots. 

Time to compare some of the most popular clothing options with others, (based on a Snapchat survey)

Sweaters 83 percent  Jackets 17 percent 
Leggings 51 percent  Jeans 49 percent 
Regular hats 44 percent  Winter caps 56 percent
Long coats 21 percent Regular length coats 79 percent 
Converse 79 percent  Fashion boots 21 percent 

Clothes are a huge expression of oneself, and with October here once again, let’s embrace this year to the fullest. This fall Cedar Falls High School is ready to rock with fabulous outfits and masks. 

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