Power hour threatened due to litter in parking lot

Littering is a big problem right here in Cedar Falls. Our very own parking lots and slots of land are covered in the student body’s trash. This looming concern has sparked the administrators attention, thus jeopardizing the freedom we students have. Here’s the big question some of us have to prevent this privilege we sustain from being revoked: how do we keep the school clean?

The first, and most obvious solution, throw away your trash. Instead of dumping your garbage on the pavement, toss your junk in the garbage cans we have placed outside. There are multiple trash bins in front of the school, parking lot and parallel parking that are easily accessible to everyone. 

Another easy fix to this problem if there is not a trash can accessible, keep your garbage until you find one. It’s the little things that make a huge impact in our world. It’s easier to keep your trash on you then to fling it onto the ground.

Science teacher Logan Mork said that he thinks trash inside and outside of the building is a substantial issue. He said that most of the trash comes from students eating lunch in the hall and then not bothering to pick up their mess. Another contribution is when car doors open in the parking lot and trash falls out onto the pavement. “I’ve heard they also play games where they throw each other’s trash into the back of other trucks or cars, so when another person finds that trash, they just throw it all out into the parking lot, and it just gets left there,” Mork said. 

Mork said he believes that students won’t make a change unless they get disciplined for it. “It’s gonna be an issue until we lock everybody down for Power Hour. Until there is a change in their schedule or a punishment, it will continue to be a problem,” he said. 

Some ways to prevent these events from occurring are to step up and rekindle the environmental awareness team. If any students are willing to create a new group designed for keeping the school a cleaner place, contact Jason Lang, the original staff leader for the environment awareness team. 

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