Seniors continue grad party plans despite COVID restrictions

As we pass the anniversary of a year with COVID, many things have begun to open back up, but restrictions still continue to impact the average high school experience. Graduation parties are the latest changing event to take place in the whirlwind that is this pandemic. 

In a survey of high school seniors, 75 percent of those surveyed said they still planned on having a graduation party, despite COVID, but 46 percent said that it has changed their original plans. 

For senior Ian Lewis, he has had to make some small changes to take COVID precautions. “I’m having a recital, and the venue has a limited capacity due to COVID. We also picked a larger place for the open house so that people can distance,” Lewis said. 

Senior Kevin Yang opted out of having a grad party altogether. “Instead of having a grad party, I will have a grad hangout with my closest friends,” Yang said. 

Like Yang and Lewis, senior Ryan Venom made some changes to his original plans as well. “COVID has not changed my plans by much, but instead of holding the grad party in our garage, we are spreading out into our yard and are wrapping snacks individually for people to spread out to eat. We will also have hand sanitizer for people to use if they would like,” Venom said. 

While many seniors have made alternate plans in light of COVID, many plan to continue as normal. Fifty three percent of survey respondents said that the pandemic has not impacted their plans whatsoever. 

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